Obama And The Wall Street Occupers

The student-debt crisis is another magnified arena where the Occupy protests shouted first and loudest. career in 2012 with the 99 percent movement’s message of Main Street versus Wall Street. Since entering the Senate, Warren has.

It’s time that Wall Street and K Street answer to the will of Main Street, not the other way around. We are Main Street. We are the 99%. A tag is a way to search for this diary. If someone is searching for "Barack Obama," is this a diary.

Drawing parallels between civil rights legend Martin Luther King Jr. and his own leadership challenges, President Obama on Sunday dedicated. just like there are those occupying Wall Street, we are going to occupy the voting booth. We.

Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party followed similar trajectories. Both grew, seemingly as grassroots movements, enjoyed brief.

If Occupy Wall Street were a national candidate for president, it would be blowing away every other candidate on the stage, including Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. Fifty-four percent of Americans agree with the protesters, versus 44 percent who think President Obama is doing a good job.

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the night Barack Obama won the presidency, the culture-wars paradigm persists in polarizing American political debate. This polarization helps us to understand the response to Occupy Wall Street, or, perhaps more compelling, the.

FDR didn’t just extend his sympathies to protesters. He listened to their demands and worked to implement real solutions to their problems. As the Occupy Wall.

Several months ago, the publishers of the anti-consumerist magazine Adbusters sent out a call for people to.

Oct 14, 2011  · Who’s behind the Wall Street. last week at the United Nations about the Occupy Wall Street. 2008 election campaign of Barack Obama,

Text messages, according to Fox News, showed then-President Barack Obama might have been improperly involved. Introducing the story with Judicial.

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The Wall Street Occupiers and the. Will the Wall Street Occupiers morph into a movement that has as much. Barack Obama is many things but he is as far from.

Oct 16, 2011  · The White House continued its embrace of the Occupy Wall Street protests on Sunday, using the strongest terms yet to identify President Barack Obama.

BAY LAKE — In a folksy speech to Republicans Thursday night, Sarah Palin ripped "crony capitalists" on Wall Street, slammed the Occupy Wall Street protesters for not understanding them, and accused President Barack Obama of.

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Rush Limbaugh took Mitt Romney to task for his flip-flopping on the Occupy Wall Street protesters on his show Monday, saying the former Massachusetts governor at first was “pounding” the Occupy movement but is now adopting a.

President Obama’s Thanksgiving day address sounded several familiar themes to which he returns with a regularity that approaches the compulsive: the “sense of mutual responsibility the idea that I am my brother’s keeper; that I am my.

Referring to protests that have spread from Wall Street to London, Rome and elsewhere, Mr Obama said: “Dr King would want us to challenge the excesses of Wall Street without demonising those who work there.” Mr Obama had previously said the protests “express the frustration” of ordinary Americans with the financial sector.

I Hate Occupy Wall Street. 1.3K likes. Tired of this. Are you part of the 99%? I need Wall Street for my retirement! If there’s no Wall street. Barack Obama, the.

Oct 04, 2011  · The Occupy Wall Street leftist protesters need to understand their own gripes. They argue against crony capitalism, Wall Street and corporate power peddling, and corporate abuse of the consumer. No doubt most of them full-throatedly support the Obama Administration.

The Wall Street Occupiers and the. Will the Wall Street Occupiers morph into a movement that has as much. Barack Obama is many things but he is as far from.

Occupy Wall Street might be done camping out overnight in Zuccotti Park, but that doesn’t mean the movement is finished with physical protests. Last evening, a group of several hundred demonstrators marched to midtown, where.

“I think a lot of the policy changes [we’ve seen] would’ve happened anyway, given the role of Democrats and the Obama administration,” she says. “But it has made it harder for Wall Street. money on politics was to some degree an.

Oct 17, 2011  · Watch video · Barack Obama, US president, offered more support for protesters against the global financial system after a weekend of demonstrations in cities around the world, but called on them not to “demonise” those who worked on Wall Street. On Sunday, Mr Obama honoured Martin Luther King at a dedication to a new.

Oct 10, 2011  · Don’t the four-week old Occupy Wall Street protesters deserve any attention from our nation’s top leaders? Thus far, only President Obama has made.

I want to keep this brief so I’m not going to present a lot of supporting information — I’ll leave that for my next book, Silent Revolution, about how the far left first hijacked liberalism and key institutions, then hijacked America — but I.

Polls show that the Tea Party story – about an America being destroyed by big government – has been pushed aside by the Occupy Wall Street story, which stresses rising inequality and corporate greed. This is good news for President.

Barack Obama has never faced the kind of criticism Hillary Clinton has endured for cozying up to Wall Street. It may simply be that he’s just a much more gifted politician and communicator. It may be that he’s had a shorter career in.

Weeks away from the Barclays Center’s grand opening, Jay-Z sat down for lunch with Zadie Smith of New York Times’ T Magazine. The in-depth profile finds Jay opening up on a variety of topics, from the Trayvon Martin shooting to.

The Tea Party directed public anger against the federal government in general and President Barack Obama in particular; Occupy Wall Street directs that ire against Wall Street in general and — inevitably — Romney in particular. This will.

While some rockers including Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello support the Occupy Wall Street movement, Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine considers the protest a sham and accuses President Barack Obama.

The Occupy Wall Street protests broke out in cities all over the country shortly after president Obama called for tax hikes on the wealthiest Americans. Some of the protests have turned violent. In Oakland, California, more than 100 people were arrested and eight were seriously injured Thursday, with protesters leaving stores in flames, and.

The mediated images of Zuccotti Park and other Occupy Wall Street activity I’d experienced through news. "And they should have had GWAR performing in the streets," she said, "chopping Obama’s head off." The man with the pink.

I remember something about this one from a few weeks ago. I believe about a month ago Obama talked in ABC saying he’s pro-OWS. Trying to remember back on the episode.

Financial News this week reported on the Wall Street donors to Paul Ryan, the Republican vice-presidential candidate, but President Obama also has some powerful.